Musical Theatre Training

Stage Door Studio Theatre Workshop (SDS) students perform in various musical events and cabarets throughout the year locally in Halifax. These shows are performed to a high standard with each student, from the youngest to the oldest, who aim to have great pride in their performance. A committed approach is required as many songs and lines must be learnt, with each student acting their part within the constraints of a particular show.
In musical theatre training, each student will be given an understanding of the basic movement in dance. Students will create group exercises by forming teams with good energy and spirit, and taking part in various acting games and improvisation in pairs or groups. Students are also encouraged to perform as soloists, thereby increasing their self-confidence.
Students will learn how to develop characters of various forms and understand why this is important for performing arts.
SDS teaches each student the basic steps in various dance combinations and choreography, why these should be formulated together, and shown how to use them as a soloist or part of a team or member of a chorus. With the philosophy, ‘a good chorus makes a good show’!
Each student has the ability to achieve a good technique with exercises that help to create good posture, along with many different kinds of floor work, both of which are a vital to learning how to dance correctly.

With a committed approach to learning, our students can achieve slick, well-orchestrated and co-ordinated group exercise techniques, good foot work, and arm and head control.
Vocal and physical exercises provide strength and confidence in the spoken word and are a key part to becoming a good performer. These exercises, along with mime and movement, are all incorporated together to enhance acting agility—especially in group work.
Whilst it may seem daunting at first, each student at SDS learns how to perform in front of their peer group. However, due to the supportive atmosphere at SDS, any nerves can be overcome in a very short amount of time and it is a joy to see this take place whilst teaching the students.
Each student will learn how to approach each workshop with a degree of confidence and so build on that to enhance their own capabilities. By gaining an understanding of the workshop structure, students will then be able to put all their new skills into practice.
Students can become soloists in acting, dancing or singing at SDS and will gain confidence in all areas taught, always wanting to ‘have a go!’ at the various forms of dance, singing styles, scripts and dialogues.