Stage Door Studio Theatre Workshop (SDS) teaches the very basic combinations of dance steps with easy choreography. We always consider the age and capability of each individual, encouraging them with constructive feedback during lessons and show rehearsals. Dance techniques include pointing toes (good toes), kicks, turning, balancing and flexibility of movement, all of which are vital to becoming a dancer.
Rhythm is essential when learning how to dance, ensuring that steps are kept to the beat by counting. This is fundamental to the learning process, as is recognising the notes when the music is played.
Various footwork combinations, along with arm movements, continue to enhance this area of performing arts; each child develops at their own pace and is encouraged to practice getting the movements correct. Along with feet and arms, it is important to also co-ordinate the head into the choreography and so learning to formulate various dance techniques into either solo or group dances.
Each student strives to achieve a sense of musicality and performance skills, thereby improving in all areas of their self-confidence and co-ordination.
Each year, there are various opportunities for students to display their talents in a full stage musical production, cabaret or charitable events, enabling their development in dance and movement. Students can perform in rehearsals or workshop classes, in the Studio setting or on stage at a theatre with a confident air and approach. All are encouraged to do this throughout their time spent at SDS.
Students will be taught to understand why they have been learning dance to this standard and then putting the various moves into a production. They will improve their posture, gain a good understanding of performance and strength, as well as a grounding in the technical discipline of floor exercises with various forms of steps.