Overview of Stage Door Studio Theatre Workshop

Every child is unique with a special talent of their own and at Stage Door Studio Theatre Workshop (SDS) we endeavour to reach out and develop these talents through extensive training, development and encouragement in all aspects. Children aged 5 years and upwards are suitable to join this lively and well-established group, with tutors who have over 20 years’ experience at the workshop and with many high-quality musical productions seen by thousands of people at various venues in the surrounding area of Calderdale.

SDS strives to create a strong sense of self-worth, aiming to inspire each student to become individually confident and productive, and this will serve them well into their future as an adult. We aim to instil in them a sense of pride and create a special place in their heart for their time spent at SDS.

We provide high quality instruction in a fun, energetic and family-like atmosphere. The SDS approach is warm and caring, and we provide a good fundamental structure to each workshop.

Those students who do not wish to pursue a future in the performing arts area can still benefit from the whole experience of learning to become part of a team and making close friends for life along the way.

There is an open-door policy at SDS and no auditions are required to register, so each child can be a part of a group such as the Sunrays or Phantoms. Classes are not large and therefore more individual attention can be given whilst the student continues to learn the different genres on offer.

All workshops each week are focused on the 3 main areas—namely Acting, Dancing and Singing—so that each student attending can learn a certain amount of each subject. We do encourage students to perform as soloists, and the workshops provide a structured and enjoyable approach in the core subjects, enabling students of all abilities to learn where their strengths lie. SDS workshops always aim to help students achieve to a high standard and so emphasis is put on commitment and endeavouring to help each student ‘Reach for the Stars’!