Acting, Dancing or Singing every student will benefit

We aim to help all students who attend, no matter what the age to gain confidence and self worth skills for life! All students are asked to give 100% when entering the workshops – each one of which is action packed – crammed full of exciting, challenging and stretching topics. Our yearly events include the following:

A 'full-scale' Musical show

Each year, during or near the month of November, Stage Door Studio Theatre Workshop (SDS) presents a full-scale musical, where all students attending workshops are encouraged to take part. Auditions for main parts usually take place during March/April, however, the younger students do not have to audition and can still be included in the musical.

These shows are presented in a very professional manner, and a Halifax location is used to stage the production. A live band is always used, and these events are great fun and help to secure greater confidence in the individual student, creating a ‘team’ spirit for all to enjoy.


Cabarets are usually held twice a year and are presented at the Studio Rooms
where the group rehearses. They consist of a selection of Acting, Dancing
and Singing with extracts from various plays or musicals. All the students
are given the opportunity to take part either as a soloist, duet or part of
ensemble group.

These are a ‘low-key’ alternative to those who may not wish to be involved
in a full-scale musical presentation. The rehearsals leading up to these
events are great fun, as are the ‘live’ shows. The Studios are transformed
into a Cabaret like setting with seating for approximately 100 people.
Parents, family and friends are invited to come along and attend, and are
even encouraged to take part with audience participation!

Charity Events

Each year during March all Stage Door Studio students are requested to take part in a large charitable evening at the Victoria Theatre in Halifax. This
is a free variety event known as ‘The Concert for the Young at Heart’ for
the senior citizens of Calderdale. The group has been involved in this event
for over 16 years and it never fails to bring great happiness to those who
attend and also those involved. There is an extract from a particular
musical or Medley performed which usually opens the evening, along with
other performances by older students. The theatre is always full to capacity and it proves to be a thrilling and uplifting experience for all the members at Stage Door Studio.

Theatre visits

As part of the great social able times spent at Stage Door Studio we often organise theatre trips. There is a great family atmosphere that exists within the group, giving the opportunity for everyone to come together and share happy times. Life is never dull at Stage Door Studio, so everyone is encouraged to support the activities for the good of the group in general.

Certificate of Achievement events

These events are held occasionally during the year, and are a chance to
receive feedback from Tutors on how students are progressing and an
opportunity to acknowledge those who have been outstanding in various areas
of theatrical skills.

Social functions

Meals out, theatre trips, Discos and quiz events; these are just some of the
great social able times spent at Stage Door Studio. A family atmosphere
exists within the group, giving the opportunity for everyone to come
together and share happy times. Life is never dull at Stage Door Studio, so all are encouraged to support the activities for the good of the group in general.

Whether it’s Acting, Dancing or Singing, every student will benefit – confidence for life! Scripts, Improvisation, Games, Playlets, Duologues, Monologues, Team Building exercises, Warm-ups – Stage Door Studio has it all!

Ideal for the solo performer or the one who would just like to be a member of a team. Each student brings that special something to the group! All for One and One for All!

Rehearsals require a great amount of hard work from everyone involved. Many pressures exist in life today, so it is a wonderful achievement when a musical actually comes together. Learning the script, songs and dances are not easy to do especially when we all lead such hectic lives. But when we accomplish what we set out to do, it can bring great joy to all who see the finished result.


The team at Stage Door Studio Theatre Workshop is led by two experienced tutors: Anne Redfern and Janet Fletcher with many years experienced in the theatrical arts. Starting the workshops in the year 2000, Anne and Janet have worked together on numerous projects, encouraging young people to achieve the highest possible standards of their potential and focusing on their strengths as individuals. Anne and Janet ensure that everyone in attendance benefits from their direction and supportive attitude, always learning new skills which are challenging in so many different ways.

We are Disclosure Barring Service (DBS) Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) and Matron certified.


  • Workshops are usually of 1 hour duration and comprise of a healthy mix of topics.
  • Acting in groups or as individuals.
  • Learning steps to simple or complex dance routines.
  • Learning to sing with techniques. All enable the student to become a solo or ensemble performer.
  • ‘Specialist’ subjects can be taught on a longer duration from 2 – 3 hour sessions.

Why people choose us

Student Quotes


I’ve been attending Stage Door Studio from the age of 11 & every year the standard of the shows gets better & better. I had a break from shows but was overwhelmed when Anne asked me to come back. Being at Stage Door Studio is like one big family, any child would be lucky to receive the amount of training Anne & Janet offer. I wouldn’t be the girl I am today without the constant love & support from both Anne & Janet.

Poppy Hornby-Parr


This is the third show I’ve done & it has been just as much fun as the other two shows. I’ve had a great time doing the show & I have made lots of friends.

James Addison


I have loved all of the Workshops here at Stage Door. The styles of dance that we are doing here are good because we do lots of different types. Also the music that we dance to is really good. Overall I really enjoy it here!

Lola Crossley


I have been coming to Stage Door for 7 years & it always puts a smile on my face. I have gained a lot of confidence & the workshops really challenge me. Every single show brings something new & I love learning all the new music & dances.

Olivia Judge


I think stage Door is a really good Musical Theatre group where students can really enjoy themselves, but also create some amazing shows. Anne & Janet are very good, experienced teachers who are really nice to work with & were the ones that I started off with & they were the ones that helped me find my passion for Musical Theatre.

Ben Hinchliffe


I think Stage Door Studio is good. I think the room is incredible. I think it is brilliant & Anne & Janet are very nice!

Megan Helliwell


I think it’s very good, I like it! I enjoy the dancing, it’s very good.

Ivy Leah


I think the standard workshop is fun& the teaching style is clear & easy to follow. I enjoy the ‘under pressure’ tasks & it makes me stronger.

Willow Leah


I absolutely love Stage Door! We are like one big family! My favourite part is dancing & the acting workshops. I think we could learn more routines in workshops; I also love the show rehearsal.

Eviee Tordoff


I really enjoy the lessons. The teaching style is really good & energetic. I really enjoy my acting & I really like the music.

Emily Ryan


It’s a brilliant thing! You learn so much & do lots of dancing. I have made lots of friends too. It is such a good place to go!

Imogen Marshall


I like Stage Door because it is good & fun. I love dancing, I love everything!

Robyn Jones


I think it is really fun, because the music is really nice. It always makes my day coming here & seeing my friends. The teaching style is great & I really like the dancing.

Roisin Beckworth


The workshops are good; I think the teaching style is great. Seeing my friends & singing out loud gives me confidence, it could not be improved, I love the music.

Euan Wyatt


The workshops are fun & good to warm up to, I think it’s good. I enjoy learning new dances, I would like to do more dance.

Lucy Dunkley


The workshop is professionally taught. I do like the music, but more pop music. The workshop is a nice place to be.

Parsha Gabbi


I think Stage Door Studio is really fun. Anne & Janet are very good teachers& could not be improved. I enjoy singing the most, I love the music.

Mary Saville


The workshops are energetic & help us. The teaching style is good; I don’t think it can improve because the workshops are perfect!

Eve Gatehouse

Parent Quotes


My kids have been coming to Stage Door for a few years, it’s a great way for them to express themselves & the sense of achievement they get from all their hard work keeps them coming back for more!

Daniel Ryan


For me, after the first show Euan did I was pleasantly surprised by how professional the production was. Stage Door Studio not only teaches the kids acting skills but discipline, respect, treating others kindly & building friendships.

Adrian Wyatt


Stage Door Studio Theatre Workshop: Fantastic!

Seema Gabbi


Mary’s confidence has soared since joining Stage Door Studio. She loves the structure of the classes & the positivity of both teachers & other students. She’s made some fabulous friends. The teachers work hard to encourage the children to achieve their best, which shows in the marvellous shows they put in yearly.

Penny Saville


Happy Days is the sixth show our children have performed in. The standards of shows are first-class & our children have grown in confidence over the last 6 years. The weekly workshops at Stage Door Studio are fun & children enjoy the show rehearsals & the build-up to the show, we would recommend Stage Door Studio to any parent.

Jon & Sam Hemingway


James loves taking part in the workshops & rehearsals. They are run in a very professional manner. I wanted James to build on his confidence as he was very shy. His confidence has grown; he now performs in front of large groups of people with total confidence & interacts with his peers of all ages.

Claire Ward

Workshop groups


Students from the age of 5 years plus (or depending on their ability) can benefit from being in this delightful energetic group. Stretching themselves to push the boundaries to achieve how to gain greater confidence whilst covering Acting, Dancing and Singing. All three areas help the individual student to gain more inner confidence and awareness, enhancing their lives with skills that will enable them to achieve greater success. A committed and dedicated approach is vital by all who attend so that the maximum benefit can be established. Acting out various script to the more impromptu form of improvisation, all are challenging and enjoyable to those in attendance at the workshops. A variety of dance techniques from ballet to contemporary aspects, along with solo singing – the Sunray group has much to offer, making it a fun time to spend at the workshop.


Dramatic and thought-provoking are incredible words that could describe the Phantom groups – available to students aged 11 plus (or depending on their ability). This is the older group that operates at Stage Door Studio with students who are setting off towards becoming young adults. A dedicated, committed and respectful attitude is vital whilst attending workshops. Acting, Dancing and Singing are all covered in this fast-moving, energetic and inspiring class. A large amount of energy coupled with enthusiasm is necessary for the student to gain the most from the modern techniques used. The philosophy of ‘have a go at anything’ and the ‘glass is half full’ never empty, must surely be the key to the on-going success in this group.


Available to adults, these workshops are held weekly for 1 hour and cover various forms of dance. Modern, Jazz, Line, Salsa, Polka etc. All who attend just need enthusiasm and a ‘Yes’ approach – open to non-dancers, just come along and share in the fun way to learn something new!

Show Workshops

Various workshops take place throughout the year, please contact Anne Redfern on 01422 200334 for further details.