Adult Dance

Stage Door Studio offers weekly 1 hour dancercise workshops to adults, including modern, jazz, line, salsa and polka. Classes are for all those who have little or no experience in dance and it is a hobby that is extremely rewarding to all who attend. All you need is enthusiasm and a positive approach to learning something new and fun.

At SDS, we use modern songs with a good rhythm as we find this helps with achieving good foot work, placement and balance. Adults will also learn to create good posture, co-ordination and exercises to help perfect dance moves and routines. Various dance steps and basic choreography are taught, with the goal of learning how the routines fit together in a structural way for presentation whilst in rehearsal and for a stage production.

Our adult students improve their self-confidence with an energetic vibe, along with self-awareness, all whilst learning new movements and routines.

All students are encouraged to take part in a stage production each year, along with participating in various charitable events, so that there is an end goal to strive towards whilst exercising, learning dance techniques, and having fun making new friends along the way.