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Children as young as 2plus gain so much confidence from joining the Moonbeam workshops. A 55 minute class covering Singing, Dancing and Drama with each child being encouraged to loin in the various aspects which can vary weekly. From "Good toes - Naughty toes" acting out Nursery rhymes, Poems, Musical activities, Improvisation and Team building games - no child is too young to learn this exciting and joyful way ! All taught in small numbers for more individual attention - Saturdays have never been such fun!

Students aged 6plus (or depending on their ability) can join the Starlighter group held for 1 hour each Saturday. They can learn to be part of a team, making friends for life at a young age along with all the fun of the theatrical arts world. Singing, Dancing and Drama are all covered in this small but yet exciting workshop. Learning to project their voice through improvisation, poems and team building exercises and discovering that they can achieve so much in such a short time - reaching for that shining star!

Students from the age of 8 years plus (or depending on their ability) Can benefit from being in this delightful energetic group. Stretching themselves to push the boundaries to achieve how to gain greater confidence whilst covering Singing, Dancing and Drama. All three areas help the individual student to gain more inner confidence and awareness, enhancing their lives with skills that will enable them to achieve greater success. A committed and dedicated approach is vital by all who attend so that the maximum benefit can be established - Dance techniques, Solo singing to Acting out sad and humorous situations to powerful plays - we have it all in this Sunray workshop!

Dramatic and thought-provoking are incredible words that could describe the Phantom groups - available to students aged 11plus (or depending on their ability) This is the older group that operates at Stage Door Studio with students who are setting off towards becoming young adults. A dedicated, committed and respectful attitude is vital whilst attending workshops. Singing, Dancing and Drama are all covered in this fast-moving, energetic and inspiring class. A large amount of energy coupled with enthusiasm is necessary for the student to gain the most from the modern techniques used. The philosophy of 'have a go at anything' and the 'glass is half full' never empty, must surely be the key to the on-going success in this group.

Available to adults, these workshops are held weekly for 1 hour and cover various forms of dance. Modern, Jazz, Line, Salsa, Polka etc. All who attend just need enthusiasm and a 'Yes' approach - open to non-dancers, just come along and have share the fun way to learn something new!

Show Workshops:
Various workshops take place throughout the year, please contact Anne Redfern on 01422 200334 for further details.

Stage Door Studio uniform colours are yellow, purple and black:
Moonbeams: Yellow - T-shirts with S.D.S.logo.
Starlighter: Purple - T-shirts with S.D.S.logo.
Phantoms: Black - T-shirts with S.D.S.logo.
Jazz shoes are compulsory (other shoes may be required for additional show work) these can be bought at S.D.S.
A smart and well groomed appearance is required by the students.

A self-disciplined and highly motivated approach is extremely important at Stage Door Studio, and the group reserves the right to exclude any student that does not conform to the structured atmosphere that exists at the workshops.